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Emerging Student Leadership Initiative (ESLI)

The CHS Emerging Student Leadership Initiative (ESLI) was specially planned to encourage and cultivate emerging leaders among our students by developing mind and heart. This dynamic program exposes students to the habits, practices, skills, and mindset common to extraordinary leaders. These leaders touch every aspect of life here at CHS.

CHS began this student leadership initiative 5 years ago with an initial grant from the Main Street Foundation and the Stetson family. This family was the original benefactor of a leadership program at The King’s College in NYC.

The Upper School Principal, Director of Student Life, School Chaplain, and Athletic Director design and organize creative programs to foster student leadership development here at CHS.

We hope to add to our existing formal leadership structure with positive, motivated, trained, and able young people.  I wanted you to know about the incredible impact of your generous gift to the CHS leadership initiative.  

Some of the programs and initiatives advanced with direct student leadership and involvement are:

  • Lower School Fall Escape Festival at the CHS Riverside Campus
  • CHS Christmas Blessings project to identify, locate and deliver financial assistance and gift baskets for needy children
  • Leadership core retreat with CHS administrators
  • Business initiative / Coffee shop
  • House makeover / Class of 2022

Thank you and God bless you for helping build and equip future leaders!  To view a new CHS video, click HERE.

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