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Parent Teacher League

CHS is more than a school.  It is a community and extended family.  Your children aren’t the only ones who build relationships at school – we, as parents, do as well.   There are many opportunities to connect with, build, and serve the CHS community.  The Parent Teacher League (PTL) is a great place to start.  The PTL is made up of many members and committees. This allows parents to serve in the specific areas where they feel most passionate and can bring their unique gifts and talents.   We all lead such busy lives, but we don’t want to miss opportunities to enrich the educational experience and be involved in our children’s lives.

Please contact either of us to determine how you can make your families’ experience at CHS the best it can be!

John Naeher

Annual PTL Events
  •    All School Picnic and Dedication Service
  •    Veterans Day Assembly
  •    Christmas Wreath Sale
  •    Faculty & Staff Appreciation Days
  •    Used Uniform and Book Sales
  •    Mother's Day Plant Sale
  •    Family Field Days
  •    and many others!
John Naeher

2022-23 Leadership Committee

Deborah DeBlasi: Events Coordinator

Kate Benner: School Spirit Wear/Apparel Coordinator

Katie Dineson: Finance Coordinator


Follow us:
Facebook: @CHSParentTeacherLeague
Instagram:  @CHS.PTL

Rewards Program

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2022-23 Meetings

  • August 31 - Cry/Celebrate Gathering at drop off
  • September 9 - Dedication Picnic
  • September 23 - 7:45a.m.
  • October 14 - 7:45a.m.
  • October 19 - Potluck Luncheon for Faculty / Staff
  • November 10 - Veteran's Day Service
  • November 11 - 7:45a.m.
  • December 9 - 7:45 a.m. Christmas PTL Meeting
  • January 6 - 7:45a.m.
  • February 10 - 7:45a.m.
  • March 31 - 7:45a.m.
  • April 21 - 7:45a.m.
  • May 8-12 - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
  • May 11-12 - Mother's Day Plant Sale
  • May 19 - 7:45a.m.
  • June 5-6 - Used Book/Uniform Sale
  • June 9 - PTL Family Night
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