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School Counselor

CHS has an onsite counselor who collaborates with teachers, coaches, and administrators to give emotional and social support to students.  We aim to promote a positive environment at CHS through direct (e.g., classroom curriculum, group counseling and individual counseling) and indirect (e.g., collaborating or consulting with staff, families or community) services.  Our counselor supports CHS students through counseling, teaching, and program development.


  • Provides a Christ-centered approach to guide students in grades K - 12 to understand their identity in Christ better, addressing things such as social-emotional awareness, anxiety, grief, and trauma.


  • Biblical social-emotional curriculum for students in grades K - 5 that helps discover ways to meet their needs and maintain balanced emotions.
  • Spiritual formation classes called “Thrive” for 6th Grade students on topics such as identity in Christ, purpose, relationships, and social-emotional awareness.
  • Chapel periodically Lower School Chapels focus on emotional health and spiritual maturity.

School Nurse

Our school nurse is here for the benefit of your children. She works within a framework mandated by the State of Connecticut regarding preventive health services. These services include:

  • Hearing, vision and scoliosis screening.
  • Compliance with immunization law.
  • Maintenance of records that also include regular physical exams and medical clearance to play team sports.
  • Administer medications during school hours.

Our nurse's orders are dictated by the Trumbull Medical Director and are authorized by the town’s Medical Advisory Board. We ask parents/guardians to notify the school nurse if their child has any medical problems, e.g. allergies, experiencing a stressful situation, chronic illness, vision or hearing difficulties, recent surgery etc. The school nurse will work with the child’s physician, parent, and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so that the child may benefit from his/her educational program.

All medications are administered by the school nurse during school hours. Only FDA-approved medications are administered. Emergency/life saving medications like metered-dose inhalers, insulin pumps and epi-pens for upper level students may be self-carried and self-administered with appropriate completed forms. District policy does not permit students to self-carry or self-administer over the counter (OTC) or non-emergency prescribed medications during school.  All OTC meds must be brought from home and left in the nurse's office along with a Medical Authorization Form.  Documentation from the child’s physician and parent/guardian signature is required by State of Connecticut School Health Laws for all medications given during school hours. Medical forms are available in the Parent portal on FACTS.

Nancy Fujii
K-12 Christian Counselor

Merry Joy Olson
School Nurse

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