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We are excited to introduce you to the Christian Heritage School Theater Arts Booster Club!

Christian Heritage School has a long history of theatrical productions intended to supplement our academics and benefit the students and the community. We've been doing this since 1984!

Theater Arts, a division of the Fine Arts Department, strives to inspire creativity, provide opportunities for personal accomplishment, encourage deeper understanding and empathy for the human condition, and cultivate a positive sense of self.  

We watch every year as our students experience and undertake the hard work and dedication required to mount a live theatrical production, developing, and stretching themselves artistically, personally, and socially as they prepare and present these performances. The personal empowerment provided by this experience can have a positive and lasting impact on these young lives.

Through your membership and participation in the Booster Club, we can produce higher-quality productions that are enjoyed by the entire community and provide much-needed support to our theater students and directors.

Please consider joining our Booster Club today.  


Donations to the CHS Theater Arts Booster Club are tax deductible.

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