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Town of Trumbull

School bus service is provided free of charge for residents of the Town of Trumbull. Parents can specify if they want their child(ren) to ride the bus both ways or only one way. It takes approximately two - three weeks for this busing service to be arranged.  To request this service, please complete and submit the Trumbull Bus Form.

Questions: Mrs. Jill Guinta Email

Southern Fairfield County

Van transportation for families who live in southern Fairfield County is provided by CHS for an additional fee. The 14-passenger van travels along the Merritt Parkway during the morning commute. Preliminary stops have been established but are subject to change based on ridership.  Routes are finalized each year by August 1st.  Seat availability and pick-up assignments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  To register for the CHS van, please complete and submit the Van Transportation Request & Agreement.    

Questions:  Mr. John Naeher Email

The Annual Fee for one-way morning van transportation is as follows:

  • Full year, in advance: $2200 (second child - $1700, additional child - $1200/each)
  • One semester only, in advance: $1200 (second child - $900, additional child - $600/each)
  • Full year, ten-month payment plan (billed August through May): $2500 (second child - $1900, additional child - $1300/each).  Payable $250 per month ($190 for second child, $130 per for each additional child)
Current stops are as follows:
Exit 35     6:40 a.m.
Exit 38     6:50 a.m.
Exit 41     7:00 a.m.
Exit 42     7:05 a.m.

Metro-North Student Commuter Information

CHS will work with families to help make arrangements for transportation after school to the Stratford train station for the Mail&Ride Student Program.

Metro-North Railroad offers discounted monthly student commuter tickets for students traveling to and from school. Monthly student commuter tickets can be purchased online using the Metro-North "Mail&Ride" program.  Parents who wish to purchase monthly student commuter passes are required to submit the Mail&Ride Registration Form to Christian Heritage School no later than July 15. CHS will submit the information to Metro-North and Metro-North will email instructions and a user name and pin number directly to the parent.  Parents must complete the online registration to obtain tickets.  Once an online account has been established with Metro-North, the user name and pin number remains active until the student graduates. It is not necessary for students to re-register at the beginning of each school year. Tickets are mailed directly to the student each month.  Parents who submit the Registration Form to CHS after July 15 will not be able to obtain a monthly pass for use until October.

More information on using the Metro-North “Mail&Ride” program is available at Metro-North Mail&Ride.

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