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Introducing ... The Parent Teacher League (PTL)

March 07, 2024
By Deb DeBlasi

Your Christian Heritage PTL is not like some PTL’s you may have heard about. First, every parent/guardian with children enrolled at Christian Heritage School is automatically part of this fellowship group. There are no membership fees or sign-up requirements. Second, we don’t pin a gigantic flower to your lapel at your first meeting or event, so everyone will know to come up and ask you to help out. We welcome you if you can come to meetings or not, volunteer or not. All are welcome at our table. 

Joining the PTL is a wonderful way to meet people at CHS. I immediately felt welcome and included when we first started here. People were so kind, answered any questions I had, and gave me what I call “Good to know!” general information. The PTL leadership try to be there for families, answer questions, and help wherever we can. However, we also learn a lot from our CHS families! Some really helpful ideas have come from new families and finding out how they are navigating everything. (Literally….please click here to see our parking lot video!) My advice, don’t be shy! We love to hear your ideas and feedback. It makes us a stronger and more successful PTL. If you have little children and need to bring them to our meetings, they are welcome. We have had many babies, toddlers and preschoolers in our midst, and they always bring a smile (and for many of us, memories of when our babies were that small.) 

I am very blessed to be a part of the PTL Leadership Team. They are an amazing and dedicated group of people. They are Katie Dineson, Carla Ruiz, Gina Barone and John Naeher as our school partner.  We view our role as one of service, as a mission. Service to God through our service to our school community. Showing our children what it means to serve and to value the fellowship of our community. What a blessing that is for all of us. Getting to see students enjoying events, using the panini machines for the high school, learning through our gift of scientist presentations, etc. The students get to see kindness in action when the PTL Unsung Hero award is given to a staff member that may not get the limelight every day but whose heart, hard work, and contributions are valued more than they may realize. The children (and teachers/staff), aware that we are all in for them, means so much. Knowing they can suggest ideas or tell us about a need somewhere and that we will follow it through. Families know that there is another place for their voice to be heard because at the end of the day we always want to improve and do better for our community.

This is not something that is just available to people that might not work outside the home. We have people that work full time and part time too. You do not have to give 100 hours, or even ten hours to be a part of this mission. You can cover the bouncy house for 15 minutes at an event if that works for you! Every dedication of time is valued and appreciated. (Especially time spent at the bouncy house!) Sometimes people’s schedules are tough and they ask for other ways they can help. We have those available too. The important thing is knowing that you are a part of the PTL no matter what. That your contribution, whatever it is, makes a difference. 

You will see a PTL presence at most events. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for those events. We believe that “many hands make light work” but it can be lots of fun and filled with laughter too.  We even “volunteered” for the morning drop-off to assist with traffic direction and, of course, bring a smile and some awesome dance moves to our community. Whether it is considered a PTL event or a CHS event, most of the time, the PTL crew will be nearby! Some of the events we sponsor with help from our PTL community are:

  • The Dedication Picnic at the beginning of the year
  • Silent Auction
  • Pie Sale leading up to Thanksgiving
  • Appreciation days for Teachers/Staff
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Teacher/Staff Christmas Breakfast
  • Monthly Birthday Treats for Teachers/Staff
  • Mother (Special Person) and Son Bowling
  • Heritage Week Decorating
  • Heritage Week Desserts
  • Christmas Campus Decorating
  • Father (Special Person) and Daughter Dance
  • Mother’s Day Plant Sale
  • Fellowship/Learning Event
  • Food Truck Farewell Event – Year End
  • Scientist Hands On Labs for K-5 Classes
  • Grants to Middle School/Upper School
  • PTL Scholarship Program
  • K-5 Meet and Greet Café Mornings
  • The PTL Spirit Wear Store - All funds made go to purchasing new gear to sell in the store or sponsor PTL events. The store does not receive funds from any other source.
  • Available to meet new families for a cup of tea/coffee to introduce them to other families and make sure they are connected and feel welcome.
  • ‘Back to School Meet and Greet’ days to welcome new friends and catch up with old friends
  • Used Uniform Sale Program 

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

There is a lot of love and fun that goes into making our PTL successful. We are truly blessed, and to quote Dr. Dube, “We are different!”

Ways to connect with the PTL:

Deb DeBlasi has been involved in PTL for 12 years in both public and private schools, mostly in leadership or committee chair positions. She lives in Newtown with her husband, Rich, Son, Nicholas, and Yellow Labrador, Shelby.  They have been at CHS since Nicholas was in 7th Grade. 

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