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What Parents Are Looking For In A Faith-Based Education

January 22, 2024
By Erin Aiken

This is my third year here at CHS as Admissions Director.  Over the years, the second semester always means a busy enrollment season.  I wish you could hear my conversations with parents as they reach out to learn more about CHS.  Some of the questions I hear are: “Is this school safe?"  “Does this school have an excellent faith-based education?”  "How will they prepare my children for life after high school?”  

Based on these conservations, I believe these are the 5 most important factors driving prospective parents to Christian Heritage School. 

  1. Biblical Worldview: The most prominent feature at Christian Heritage is our commitment to providing education through a biblically based worldview and to integrate this into our curriculum.  We offer students a holistic understanding of various subjects from a Christian perspective. Parents who prioritize a faith-based education for their children find CHS to be a natural choice.
  2. Safe and Nurturing Environment: Safety and well-being are paramount concerns for parents today. Christian Heritage School excels in creating a safe and nurturing environment for students. Physical safety and security on campus is a high priority.  We have security officers that greet and check-in all visitors as well as provide daily routine checks around campus.  With a smaller student population, we also foster a sense of community where students feel known and supported by faculty and staff. This close-knit setting contributes to a positive atmosphere conducive to both academic and personal growth.
  3. Academic Excellence: The distinction of CHS is that our faith in Jesus Christ is the catalyst for excellence in the classroom, whether in the arts, humanities or sciences. A strong academic foundation has attracted parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children.  Rigorous academic programs challenge students to reach their full potential.  The college-prep focus is a draw for prospective families with options to earn dual-enrollment credit. Students gain credit for high school and college at the same time with courses such as UConn Biology, which are led by teachers who are adjunct professors.
  4. Smaller Classes: The advantage of smaller class sizes is a significant draw for many parents. This allows for more individualized attention, enabling teachers to tailor their instruction to the unique needs of each student. This personalized approach enhances the overall learning experience and contributes to better academic outcomes.
  5. Values and Morals: At our core, we are committed to instilling strong values and morals in each student. We seek to develop Christ-like attributes of faith, service, character and leadership, which enables students beyond the classroom.

During my conversations with prospective parents, I love to share my personal experience of bringing our children to CHS. For years, we were having to re-train our children when they got home from school because they were being taught a curriculum that wasn't aligned with our values. We had to constantly clarify to them what God says and what our family believes verses what they were being told at school. Now here at CHS, we have full confidence that what we believe and teach our children at home is being reinforced at school. My hope is, that my experience reinforces and affirms to parents that CHS is where God has been leading them.

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in learning more about Christian Heritage School, please join us at our next Open House, Saturday, February 24, at 2:00 p.m.  To register, click here.

Erin Aiken is the Director of Admissions at Christian Heritage School. She grew up in Kansas and came to the Northeast twenty-two years ago after completing her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership in Houston, Texas. She has been at CHS for over 4 years and truly enjoys sharing all we have to offer to prospective families. Erin lives in Trumbull with her husband Brian, daughter Shiloh and son Beckett and attends Calvary Church. 

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